Welcome to the Boston Terrier Club of San Diego County! If you're a friend of the Boston, you're a friend of ours...
Whether you are "owned" by a Boston, would like to be, or are just curious about these little guys, our Club is a wonderful resource here in San Diego to help you gain familiarity with the breed. Our members collectively have hundreds of years of BT experience, and have encountered almost everything conceivable when it comes to the care and keep of Bostons.
The Club is always looking for new members enthusiastic about the Boston Terrier breed. The more active the membership, the more events we can plan, the more gatherings we can hold, and the more fun to be had by all!

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If you've ever met a Boston, you'll know what all the fuss is about - impeccably attired and always eager to please, these little guys truly are "man's best friend"! If you are unfamiliar with the breed and wish to learn more about these li'l fellas I recommend you visit the Purely Boston page. Here you'll find links to all sorts of info on the Boston Terrier.

* If you are looking for information about adopting a Boston, please visit either the What's New page under Rescue News, or use the Purely Boston link to find listings for Clubs and Rescues in your area!

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